It reemerges in the 80’s as a festival perfectly integrated in this town of the Cádiz mountains and this is due to the height the carnival kept at the beginning of the 20th century and that it secretly survived in the countryside during the years it was forbidden when the ventas became full with murgas and music groups from the countryside”. The carnival has great roots here in any of its different aspects: the floats parade, stages in the streets, where murgas, chirigotas, quartets, comparsas perform their shows.

Holly Week

It has been declared to be of National and Touristic Interest. This “sacred drama”, which recurs every year, is really different from the ones in other places and this is not only because of the outstanding setting where it takes place, making it intimate and colorful, but because of its history, the people’s incorporation with its personal folklore into the religious rite of the Holy Week reviving many centuries of tragic beauty. - The Hallelujah Bull Christ’s resurrection is celebrated by the running of two fighting bulls in Arcos streets where the bravest ones dare to run and live the festival closely and the quietest ones enjoy it from balconies and roofs or behind the fences which enclose the streets. Resurrection Sunday.

Crosses of May

It is celebrated at the beginning of May. The streets and squares in the Old Quarter are decorated with beautiful crosses made of carnations, roses, daisies, rosemary, mastic and every kind of plants from the land.

Corpus Christi Festivity

This festivity is celebrated with the silver Custodia from the 17th century made by Antonio Carrillo. It goes through the Old Quarter streets which have been carpeted with rosemary previously.

The Musical evening in the honour of Virgin de las Nieves.

It is celebrated in the honor of Arcos Patron Saint the 5th of August with the procession of the virgin through the streets. Usually there are flamenco festivals in the previous evenings.


The pilgrimage is celebrated in honor of the Christ of the Romeral around September 14. Pilgrims in decorated wagons, on horseback or on foot, head to the Hermitage of the Romeral to worship the Christ and then have the traditional coexistence in the pine forest of La Plata.

Saint Michael Fair

Saint Michael is Arcos Patron Saint. The fair is celebrated at the end of September and is Arcos major fair. It celebrates the anniversary of Arcos conquest by the Christians in 1255.

Christmas and Live Nativity

In Christmas we celebrate with great energy and joy the Mesías birth. Carols, zambombas (declared to be of Cultural Interest), buñueladas, the Three Kings Parade, Nativities exhibitions and even a Live Nativity with more than 20 scenes representing the period in which Jesus and His family lived when He was born in the incomparable frame of the Old Quarter. The Live Nativity has been declared to be of Touristic Interest.

Other interesting festivities and festivals

Musical Evenings in the Honor of Saint Peter: On June 29 is celebrated Saint Peter's festivity with a procession of the saint through the streets. The town has recovered the tradition of eating bacon to celebrate the first Pope of Rome festivity.

Musical Evenings in the Honor of María Auxiliadora: It is celebrated at the end of May and it is a festivity of great tradition in Arcos.

Jédula Fair: Jédula fair is celebrated at the beginning of June. A lot of musical evenings are celebrated during the whole year in the different country areas.